Award-Winning Designers

Fourfields Residential Scheme

Winner 2022 Susdrain / CIRIA SuDS Awards
Early Adoption of SuDS in Schemes

This project sought to transform a previously lead-polluted brownfield site that housed an elderly care home into 15 new homes within a relatively small site whilst preserving the existing tree belt and introducing a nature-based SuDS strategy.

The success of the resulting award-winning Masterplan is down to the landscape-led approach. This resulted in the immediate production of a very early sketch design that revolved around a strong nature-based SuDS strategy.

The holistic landscape scheme consists of inter-connected communal rain gardens, water butts and bioretention planters, SuDS tree pits, green roofs and permeable paving. Boardwalks, bridges and incidental play features bring users into closer to the design and create a better appreciation for sustainable drainage solutions. Together, these design elements reduce runoff rates, achieve surface and rainwater attenuation within the site, protect buildings from flooding and improve water quality and biodiversity across the site whilst also creating green and vibrant amenity areas. 

The Water Gardens
Hyde Park Estate

2020 Susdrain/Ciria SuDS Award Winner
Small Scale Retrofit

To allow for the restoration of this 1960s private communal courtyard to take place the whole podium deck had to be stripped bare. Not only did this expose that the whole system had existed on bare concrete with no waterproofing for 50 year but it also uncovered a long forgotten original SuDS design where the inter-connectivity between the pond and the planters had been lost.

This connectivity restored together with the introduction of a rainwater harvesting irrigation system under the paving, the gardens maintain more than 33,000 new seasonal plants and 25 trees. Aquatic planting thrives in the large ponds hosting more than 400 fish. Maintenance is organic and chemical free. The Water Gardens are undeniably a unique hidden gem in Central London.