Leyland, PR25

R-LA was commissioned by Mace and the Department of Education in the rebuilding of Wellfield Academy; a pathfinder project for GenZero that aims to achieve an embodied carbon target of 325 kgCO2e/m2 including sequestration.

Responding to the client brief R-LA analysed the site to calculate the existing Urban Greening Factor before developing a design that would increase this factor by 28%. This was achieved by creating several habitat and nature-based SuDS areas in the form of rain gardens, bioretention planters, green roofs and large shade trees. The proposal was then assessed according to the BB103 guidelines as set out by the Department of Education. In addition R-LA has submitted a Carbon Scorecard Report which assessed the carbon footprint and time required for the proposal to achieve carbon neutrality.


Client: Department of Education and Mace