London Borough of REDBRIDGE

Raven Road is a light industrial estate sandwiched between Victorian housing to the north west and north east, and an elevated motorway to the south. The proposed scheme, which received planning permission in 2024 is an excellent example of how an urban concrete jungle can be transformed through thoughtful green infrastructure.

The design proposal for Raven Road by R-LA achieved the following:

- Over 10% increase in Tree Canopy
- Nature-based SuDS strategy to tackle stormwater run-off
- An Urban Green Factor target above 0.4
- Biodiversity Net Gain increase of over 10%
-​Biodiversity has been increased by planting a variety of shrubs and nectar-  
  rich perennials
- Semi-intensive green roofs and a green walls across the Mews.
The Crescent Road planting strategy consists of a line of tall hornbeams along the edge of the pavement providing a strong visual outlook of the street scene. These street trees complement the native trees and large specimen shrubs in the background, with the wide planting beds filled with nectar-rich flowering perennials. The raised planters demark the entrance to the apartment blocks, while the wide planting beds create a buffer between the car parks and the habitable rooms of the residential unit.  

The office units mews area in-between the residential block and the commercial building is transformed into a green corridor through the use of self-clinging shade tolerant Virginia Creeper and Hydrangeas. These species will fill the wall with their leaves and beautiful intertwining branches (the wall was purposely built to support the weight and sprawl of the climbers without detrimental effects). The dramatic autumnal display will be enhanced by artistically located insect habitat sculptures, making the 4m tall wall a live habitat for a variety of invertebrates.   Green and brown roofs cover the site completing the scene. The semi-intensive green roof opposite the residential unit will benefit from a deep enough substrate to host tall flowering perennials and grasses. The brown roof, with purposely formed small mounds and rotting timber logs for insects, will provide valuable habitat across the site.


Developer: City Plumbing
Architects: Ankur Architects
Planning Approved: Jan 2024