As part of a £7.4 million school investment program approved by Hampshire County Council, Liphook Primary School is one of three primary schools in the area to receive funding which will see the classroom offering extended to include a standalone space to deliver music and drama lessons and other extra curricula activities.

R-LA has been appointed from inception to completion and has devised a landscape scheme that works with the proposed building and the levels of the surrounding landscape. The planting proposal includes a rich tapestry of nectar rich grasses and perennials to attract pollinators and ‚Äčnature-based SuDS solutions in the form of bioretention planters which provide opportunities for the educational curriculum. 

Teaching children about the value of rainwater is crucial for a sustainable future. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are designed to slow down the flow of water, clean it naturally, and store it in ponds, swales, and rain gardens. SuDS are a great outdoor classroom experience for children as they can see the water being managed in real time. With careful planning, SuDS can be implemented in towns and cities to manage surface water and improve the overall water quality. Additionally, this can also benefit the local wildlife and help them adapt to the urban environment.


Hampshire County Council and Mace Group