London Borough of Enfield

Refolo were invited by Stonegate Homes to design the landscape for a new mixed-use scheme, with commercial spaces, amenity and public realm.

The site is a brownfield opportunity area within walking distance from Brimsdown railway station in the Upper Lea Valley.

The arrangement of the buildings on Green Street offer the opportunity for an open south facing landscape. The design inspiration revolves around the rotation of the sun. A tall columnar tree provides a focal point from the street and draws in visitors. Play-on-the-way features and seating offer variety and opportunity for social interaction.

A landmark sculpture captures the angle of the sun at March equinox (which varies every year by a few days) providing an astronomy educational twist to the public realm. Paving design echoes the astronomy inspiration and features a strong north-south paving banding feature cutting through the site (at equinox day equals night) and a rotating pattern designed at a constant angle around the central columnar landmark tree.

A variety of trees, shrubs and perennials provide seasonal interest as well as food and shelter for wildlife.


Developer: Stonegate Homes
Architects: Torner Architects
Planning Application: Jan 2019