Amiens, France

The Maison de la Culture d'Amiens and 'Art, Villes et Paysage' board, have selected R-LA to participate in the 2014 Festival Des Hortillonage in Amiens, that will run from July to October 2014.

The team, composed of R-LA and environmental scientists / aquatic ecologists Frog Environmental, will display 'Isle Filtrante', a water-themed landscape installation.

The planted Biohaven Floating Island made from recycled plastic growing medium, will showcase natural methods of filtering and cleansing water through plant roots below the surface. Access to the island through a low and narrow willow tunnel creates a sense of expectation, as the visitor is enveloped by dramatic tall grasses filtering wind and light.

Crystal clear water with colourful marginal and aquatic planting complete the picture of an idyllic water garden.

Festival Des Hortillonage is an annual international garden festival which celebrates young talent in both landscape architecture and the visual arts. The festival invites participants to consider the connections between nature, culture, agriculture and heritage and how climate change will impact the world around us. By exploring the festival grounds on foot or by boat, visitors are encouraged to contemplate the fragility and conservation of ecosystems, water resources, and food production.


Client: Maison de la Culture d'Amiens