Refolo Landscape Architects were invited to design the public realm for a new development in Corbens Place, Maidstone.

The cul-de-sac access road provided the opportunity to design a shared surface with dropped kerbs and paving patterns.

R-LA worked closely with the drainage engineering team to devise a SuDS strategy that would integrate proposed road avenue tree pits.

A sustainable drainage system is designed to reduce impact of developments with respect to surface water drainage discharge.

The purposely built SuDS tree pits and associated soakaway can replace traditional methods of surface water run off with several advantages. The velocity and flow rate of surface water run-off is reduced and discharged into the tree pit, absorbed and filtered by roots and the excess flowing into the tree pits control chambers.


Developer: Corbens Place Ltd
Planning Application: Nov 2018 - Phase 1 Under Construction
Civil Engineers: Civil Engineering Practice (CEP)