Luxury Hotel

Award winning scheme sitting on a 14 hectare park in Ascot, with a 17th Century House refurbished to become one of trendiest 6* luxury hotels near London. In 2012 the scheme was presented with the Landscape Institute Award for its category.

‘Green engineering’ methods include: a sloping extensive green roof and a semi-intensive herb green roof over the SPA building; anti compression cellular vehicular paving to safeguard surrounding existing tree roots; a biodiverse and impressive 3ha meadow hiding a geothermal ground source loop heat pump system that serves to both heat and refrigerate the hotel.

In the capacity of senior project landscape architect for Macfarlane Wilder Ltd (the studio is now trading under a different name), Cristina Refolo led the design in the last two years prior to completion, from concept proposals to technical detailing.


Client: Dorchester Collection